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Energenia Solutions


via Positano, 21
70014 - Conversano (Ba)
tel. 080 495.24.26
cell. 366.20.33.945

Energenia realizes plants for new buildings and renovations buildings.

Energenia was born as a research centre on photovoltaic systems, and tested its first plant in 2006. Today it has hundreds of KWp installed on the national territory.

Energenia’s design and construction quality is guaranteed by long-lasting consolidated relationships with various Italian Universities such as the Engineering Department of the University of Salerno.

The strength of Energenia lies in the team of engineers that work incessantly to research on the best products and technologies for energetic efficiency.


Production of energy:

  • Photovoltaic
  • Thermal Solar Energy
  • Thermodynamic Solar Energy


Management of energy consumption:

  • Hydric and Sewer System
  • Air Conditioning and Heating System
  • Electric System – basic, standard and automation system
  • Video Surveillance and Alarm Systems
  • Thermography