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Aqua Expert di Arturo La Torre
Viale Aldo Moro, 9
70043 Monopoli (Ba).
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Aqua Expert


Aqua Expert is a leader in the swimming pools and wellness centers production and plant sector.

Born from Arturo La Torre’s 45-year experience, Aqua Expert established itself on the market thanks to his professionalism and reliability, values that have always marked his work.

Aqua Expert is able to satisfy any need by proposing personalized, reliable and efficient solutions without disregarding quality and elegance, whether it is dealing with swimming pools, fountains, streams or water effects.

Furthermore, the long experience, gained in years of passionate work, has led to the birth of two patents for the construction of swimming pools. This demonstrates the attention and value that Aqua Expert puts on technological innovation with regard to both structure and plant building, and, thus, on the employment of tools that allow for a
simplification of the pool’s management.

Finally, Aqua Expert has realized numerous works in the water treatment sector.




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